How the Order Process Works

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Business Days are only Monday – Friday, excluding all weekends and US Holidays.


Request Order Quote
To receive pricing for reproduction of your order, you must request a quote by sending an inquiry to Quotes are only good for 30 days from date listed on your official quote document. Note: Any pricing listed on our website is an example only.

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Place an Order
When you have your Quote, you can now place an order. Please be sure to read all documentation and ask all questions before placing your order. You can request an estimated wait period before placing your order. Please note that your Quote must be valid and active to place an order.

Place an Order



Once your order is placed, you will receive a payment invoice. Invoices left unpaid after 24 hours will result in order cancellation.



Order Confirmation
When the invoice is paid, you will receive an Order Confirmation email. This contains your order ID, which you will use to check your order status. If you do not receive this email within 2 business days of invoice payment, please send us an email to


Send Originals
If applicable, any originals should be sent to the address listed on your Invoice. You should also fill out the Shipment-En-Route form, so that we know the package is on it’s way to us. We will update your Order Status when we have processed your originals through our receiving department.

Shipment-En-Route Notification Form


Order Production
At this point, your order will go into Sample Production or Full Order Production. Please refer to your order for details on the services and wait periods.

Wait periods start at a minimum of 35-45 business days.


Final Order Invoicing
Once your order is completed, we will package your items and send you an invoice for any balance owed, plus shipping fee.


Ship Order
When your final invoice is paid, we go ahead and ship your order and provide tracking information. All orders require signature confirmation and are insured for their full value.

Questions? Send email to

Wait periods are estimations only and are not guaranteed.  

Where can I find my Wait Period?

  • In your Order Invoice
  • On your Order Confirmation Email
  • On your Order Status Page

Finishing of Resin Pieces

Your pieces may have flashing that has to be removed once you receive it. You may have to do some sanding and finishing of your own once you receive your items due to seam lines. We remove the pour spouts and sand that area smooth. If you would like the item finished, you must request seam sanding/finishing service. This service will add more time to your wait and costs extra per piece. Please request coating to be added to your pieces at time of order if desired.


We will exchange or repair damaged items.  Please note that the timeframe for redelivery of your parts depends on the production schedule and what needs to be completed. Orders cannot be cancelled and all payments are non-refundable.

Email Response Time

Please allow at least 24-48 hours during business days for a response to your email. This time does not include any weekends, holidays or scheduled down time.

Shipment After Final Invoice

Currently resin casting order ship 2 times per week. This means it may be 3-4 business days after final payment has been received and confirmed into our system before your package ships. Please allow 5-7 business days before contacting us regarding a lost or unmoving shipment.

We are not responsible for shipping/transit times and we do not ship until your order is paid for in full.