We are getting ready to launch our new clothing styles and are super excited to watch this portion of the business continue to grow! Additionally, new dolls, original creations and accessories will be filling up the shop, from here to etsy and eBay. We are working to bring limited quantities but all in stock items starting later this month to the shop. As the business has grown, we have to adopt a new model, focusing on developing new products and creating a limited set to have on hand to sell. This will allow us the flexibility we need to create a faster and better experience for our clients.

In light of this upcoming in stock move, we are also developing a sizing FAQ, so you can figure out if our clothes will fit your dolls. Previously, we made things to order, so we could make the item to fit your doll, but with in stock, we’ll be fitting to certain sizes. Stay tuned for that update in the Knowledge Base!

Our resin casting service is growing — faster than we can keep up! That’s a good problem to have, except it means growing pains and sweeping changes as we scale upwards.

We’re working hard to make some changes that will hopefully alleviate some of the anxious “unknown” of waiting for orders to go through production — we completely understand that no one likes to wait! As a result, we’re adding something new — twice weekly updates to all order statuses. The status may not change, especially if there are no problems and we’re just working on your order, but you’ll know that we have checked in because you’ll see the last date your order was updated. Just check that order status and look for the “Order Status Updated” field. it will have a date! We are updating statuses for Tuesdays and Fridays of every week, excluding any holidays or shop closures of course. This is effective immediately! That way our estimated production dates will get updated more quickly than they have in the past. We recognize we haven’t been able to keep up with updating on the fly, so we’re establishing a more solid process.

We also have expanded our order statuses — they are much more descriptive and hopefully will give a better understanding of where your orders are in our production cycle, including if the status they are in means a delay.

Does this mean you shouldn’t email us? Not at all, but we ask that you please refer to your order status first and be sure to read your order notes. We’re constantly adding more and more information there, so you can view what’s happening and stay informed.

Check out the Knowledge Base for more information on those order statuses!

We’re working on new technologies for our studio including custom identical color matching! Currently color matching involves the staff painstakingly creating colors by hand and then testing and testing again until it is correct. Using technologies like a spectrophotometer and custom resin color mixing devices will make this much more easily repeatable and streamline our production.

We are beginning our testing for our acrylic resin casting process! We will keep you updated with that process. As a note, we currently offer polyurethane resin and bio-epoxy resin with our current services.

As you can see, there is a lot going on in the shop! Here are a few other things to hopefully make things easier and more helpful for clients:

Please open a ticket when you have concern or question! This attaches to your order directly, if you have one or sends to our helpdesk platform, where a support guru can get assigned to help you.

Please also check out our list of shop closures — we post all our planned closures here, that way you can be aware of them well in advance. There’s one coming up, have you checked to see when it’s happening?

We are happy to respond to all emails, but please, give us at least 24-48 hours during business days only to respond to your messages.

We’re noticing that a lot of our clients aren’t taking the time to go over the Knowledge Base or the Terms of Service. Please always take the time to go over these documents, they are very helpful and will keep you well informed and are available to review before you order!

As an overall aside, we are bringing in more staff to help with these changes! Stay tuned for more updates, more products and ultimately better service.

We are closed May 24th - 30th in observance of Memorial Day. Resuming full operations on Wed, May 31. Email responses will be delayed during this time. Thank you and have a great holiday! Dismiss